How important is Local Search to a real estate agent? Local search is the only search a realtor should be concerned with when they ONLY want people to find their websites that are performing local searches. ” chapel hill realtor ” on yahoo, and you are looking for a realtor local to chapel hill. The results lead you to the Chapel Hill board of Realtors site and then a local Chapel Hill Realtor.

Local Search is growing more in importance. According to a study done by comScore 63% or all internet users performed a local search in July (approximately 109 million people) a 43% increase from July 2005. The Breakdown of sources:

Real Estate Marketing Local Search

Local search is this prominent. Can anyone find your real estate web site without you telling them the address? Do you have a real estate blog? The answers to these questions are key factors in your future success in real estate. More and more real estate consumers ignore print and newspaper advertising in favor of the internet.
If you have an optimized blog with a strategy, you’ll be found when users are searching for what you do.