Local search continues to become more popular for people seaching for information in local areas. Not newspaper or magazine subscribers. Not even the number of direct mail recipients or peple that pick up the local real estate books. Sure these sources generate a few leads occassionally, and it is good to spend some money to reach their audience but most people search the internet and the blogosphere for information.

Approximately 109 million people performed a local search online from July 2005 to July 2006. During July more than 849 million searches were conducted on the internet. 59% of the searches were done for restaurant information or other entertainment services. The same people are searching for local neighborhood information and local real estate for sale information.

Having a real estate blog will allow you to generate traffic from these searches. If you can update your blog weekly with good information for you can begin generating leads from local searchers. Think outside of the box and let your blog be found as a top resource for local searchers.