We talk to a lot of realtor’s.  It amazes me what kind of programs they are being pitched and why realtor’s continue to throw their money away.  I have a client in Chapel Hill NC who listens to everything we say. Remember, anyone can get a blog but if it’s not optimized and you don’t have a clear strategy in mind, you don’t have a chance in succeeding.  What also amazes me is that realtor’s are not jumping on a program like this.  I’ve finally realized that most realtor’s think this is one of those “new” marketing schemes to get your money.  Well, it’s not.  We actually care about our clients and their success and we’re a firm believer in your success is our success.  Without it, we don’t have a company.  So instead of thinking this is “one of those calls again”, listen to what we have to say and offer.  Right now, it’s the best marketing program online for realtor’s and we have plenty of them to vouch for this.  You could end up like this realtor:

“Dear Triangle Direct, I just wanted to let you know that through my blog I have received my second lead for a new neighborhood that isn’t even my listing. Ive posted a few discussions on the type of neighborhood and where it’s located and people are contacting me first instead of the developer. I’ve already secured one lot reservation on a 700k house! Thanks for your ideas and help in creating my blog. Kim vanDusen Chapel Hill, NC “

Your time is now.  Take advantage of it!!