Statistics tell us that close to 80% of buyers and sellers search the internet for information about real estate. Most people rely on the internet as their trusted resource for real estate information in their market. Savvy realtors with strategic online marketing objectives can exploit many internet marketplaces to generate leads for their business.

More consumers are reading information on blogs daily. Blogs have increased in popularity tremendously over the last few years. Consumers continue sharing more information on personal and business blogs daily. The blogosphere has become the internet’s hidden jewel for quality leads. How – the best friend to any realtor is their customers and the referrals they can bring. Word of mouth leads are a realtors bread and butter. A realtor that is willing to think outside of the box can join the blogosphere and give consumers the information they need about real estate. An amazing viral marketing strategy!

Let’s go back and analyze the blogosphere. It is consumer generated content hosted as a WEBLOG containing weekly articles written by people and read worldwide. Articles about anything and everything can be found in social networks, blog search engines, even on search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Triangle Direct’s real estate clients are given a fully optimized blog, blog marketing strategies for search engines, training and customer support, and free updates. Tap into the blogosphere now with your very own real estate blog!