Albert Einstein summed it up pretty well, Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Let’s play the analogy game for realtors that expect to receive quality leads.  For years in the past the best sources were newspapers, magazines, the Real Estate Book that sits on the shelves at the grocery stores and local restaurants.  Any print campaign that is distributed to local ZIP CODES within their market.

Over the past 8 plus years, realtors have relied on their website to get them in front of buyers and sellers that need their services.  This involved getting a website and figuring out how to position their website on Google, Yahoo and MSN for searchers to find when they search by related keywords.  Some have had success others have been ripped off.  Needless to say, numbers don’t lie – over 80% of your prospects search the internet for information that ultimately should lead them to you – or your competition.

If you are an agent, and you aren’t getting in front of enough qualified prospects, what is your marketing strategy to fix this problem.  Should you rent more leads by throwing away your money in print campaigns.  Perhaps you could give top search engines more money to be a sponsored listing (PPC).  That will certainly put you in front of about 5% of their searchers.  Or you can make a long term investment into your business and start reaching consumers directly by marketing yourself in your real estate blog.

Think outside of the box and separate yourself from the standard.  Join the blogosphere and give people what they want – information!