When one thinks of a professional usally a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, a professor or similiar career that involves years of study or advanced education comes to mind. Not a real estate agent. Real estate agents are mostly viewed as salespeople trying to earn a commission. The majority of a real estate agent’s training and education involves closing deals. Convincing your prospect/client to buy from you and not your competition.

Real estate agents that want to separate themselves from the standard agent stereotype has to market themselves differently. They have to be willing to prove that their knowledge of the local market is superior to any of their direct competitors. This will enable them to earn the business of buyers and sellers that search and research the internet for local real estate information.

When consumers search the internet, they are looking for information. They aren’t looking for awards won, credentials earned, classes taken etc. Most consumers know that real estate agents are highly competitive and will do most anything to close a deal. Marketing strategies and campaigns are a direct reflection of how an agent views themselves. Those that market themselves with ads and pictures of themselves in magazines, newspapers, real estate publications etc. are using their image to earn business. Those that provide INFORMATION as proof of their knowledge – earn business by proving that they truly are an educated PROFESSIONAL. Prove that you are superior to your competitors by educating your prospects. Start using a professional Real Estate Blog today!