One of the advantages that real estate professionals have over other blog owners is that they have an endless supply of things to write about. Everything that happens in a particular town or area is going to be relevant. A new grocery store opening up in a specific neighborhood may not seem like big news, but you should look at it this way; If I was planning on moving to a neighborhood, would I be interested in hearing about a closer place to buy my groceries? Is this neighborhood a good source of sales? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then go ahead and write about the new Harris Teeter in Stonehenge. As a realtor, you will get ranked on search engines quicker for keywords relating to specific neighborhoods. As a reader you will certainly be impressed by a realtor who has detailed geographically specific information on an area in which you have an interest. It will always help to put more keywords and more specific keywords in your real estate marketing mix.