When we visit Real Estate offices, I’m often amazed at the lack of resources realtors use for their online presence.  Just by navigating the web, realtors would be better in tune with what’s going on.  Most of your marketing focus should be online and there are a few trends going on for 2007 that you must look into.
1. Real Estate Blog:  Just the purest form of Viral Marketing and another web property that you can put your listings on.  I won’t give away everything but you really have no idea how important a blog can be to a realtor….hint….$$$

2. Real Estate Video Advertising:  Why did google buy youtube for 1.6 billion….because video is important and 54% of online users watch video

3. Local Search: If 81% of a Real Estate search is started online, where are you?  What’s your local presence?

I wouldn’t try and tell any realtor what to do.  What I do try is to educate realtors on what’s the best form of marketing for their geographical location.  I wouldn’t expect everyone to get a blog, shoot video’s and concentrate on local search, but I can only hope that  a lot of realtors will investigate this more thoroughly.