When I discuss blog marketing with clients I have seen a distinct difference in perception between real estate professionals and people running retail websites.

For realtors their business has traditionally come from print and referrals or word of mouth. Websites are seen as a means of showing clients listings or providing local information.
Retailers on the other hand, live and die by how much traffic they can generate from search engines, links and affiliate marketing. If they have no internet traffic, they have no business. A first page ranking on one of the major search engines can be potentially worth hundreds and thousands of dollars, so they are much more prepared to invest in marketing programs that will increase their traffic.

Real Estate Agents are beginning to understand that they can generate a significant amount of leads and referrals thru an effective online campaign without resorting to expensive pay per click campaigns, which have a very high cost per lead.  Real Estate Blog Marketing  Offers any real estate agent at any point in there career a viable option to aggresivley position themselves within their geographic market.