Wow ! That pretty much sums up my trip to the 63rd Annual International Builder’s Show.

I have enjoyed blogging from the show in Orlando but I wanted to recap the convention now that I am back in Raleigh, N.C.

There are several “wow” products/services that I want to mention due to the impact they are having on the building industry.

I had the opportunity to speak with CEO Robert Dahl of Duraban International , an EPA registered specialty chemical manufacturer. I initially wanted to talk with Robert about blog marketing but was so impressed with his product that my journalistic instincts took over! Utilizing molecular nanotechnology manufacturing, DuraBan’s proprietary and patented technologies deliver an economical and environmentally safe antimicrobial. The water based antimicrobial will not leach or wash off, is easy to apply and due to the revolutionary manufacturing process, affords a practically permanent antimicrobial and anti-bacterial protection on most surfaces. And since DuraBan’s products actually bond to most surfaces, the applications are practically unlimited.

Safe, affordable, durable and eco-friendly. Congratulations to Robert and his team for doing their part to preserve our planet for future generations while simultaneously protecting against mold, mildew and harmful bacteria.