A careful look at the traffic origins of many real estate agents websites would reveal traffic that arrives via print, or other offline media, and also Pay Per Click. Either way if you were to look at what the actual cost per visitor/lead is, you would find it to be very high. Generating a lot of leads is definately a good thing, however, look at your cost per lead, and then examine a blog marketing program. Our Real Estate marketing programs reduce your cost per lead every day.
How is that possible? It goes something like this.

Corporate Blog Setup is x dollars. With the agent writing articles there is no other cost. Formula: number of leads divided by cost of blog equals the cost per lead.

  • Month one you receive 10 leads. Cost Per lead is x/10
  • Month 2 you recieve 30 leads. Cost Per lead is x/40 , your cost per lead just dropped significantly because you have not paid any more yet the number of leads has gone up… and the number of leads will only increase steadily over time.
  • Month 3 you recieve 200 leads. Cost per lead is x/250; You can see how the cost goes down.

Imagine after a year or less a real estate agent will be receiving recieving high quality leads for pennies. This whole formula does not even take into consideration that these leads are extremely high quality and much more likely to close than any other form of advertising. Want to know more? contact us.