For every successful real estate marketing blog out there, you can be sure that there are countless others that never quite make it off the ground. A lot of Realtors just start a blog without much of an idea of what they want to do with it, so after an initial flurry of posts, they eventually lose steam and neglect their site altogether.

The best way to combat this type of creative flame out is to blog with clear goals in mind. This will help you focus your energy in the right direction by giving you a specific set of topics to write about.

Do you want to increase your firm’s name recognition and visibility in your own community? Then your blog should feature plenty of posts highlighting local areas of interest or issues that are currently relevant to your city or state.

Are you hoping to expand your business base and attract a national audience? Then you should write primarily about real estate topics that will appeal to a broader, nationwide audience.

Do you simply want to present potential buyers with an easy way to view your latest listings? Then obviously your posts should reflect that goal.

Once you start blogging with a purpose, you’ll find that post ideas will start flowing in — soon to be followed by increased traffic, visibility, and, ultimately, sales.