All bloggers occasionally go through dry spells where they run out of ideas to write about. This is perfectly normal, and shouldn’t affect your readership numbers too much — unless the dry spell lasts for an unusually long time. Readers simply do not have the patience to stick with blogs that are only updated once or twice per month, so it’s definitely in your best interest to keep up a regular posting schedule.

One fantastic way for real estate blog marketers to keep posting and drive traffic even when they’re short on original ideas is to write about current events. Between the mortgage crisis, the record number of foreclosures around the country, and the slump in new housing construction, real estate topics are in the news nearly every day, which means you have plenty of posting material at your disposal.

Of course, you can’t simply link to a news article (or paste it into your post) and expect readers to flock to your site. You have to offer them something that CNN, Yahoo, and MSN don’t, namely, your personal take on the topic in question.

Here are three great ways to do just that:

  • Explain the article in a way that makes it easy for non-Realtors to understand. If you’re dealing with a technical article that uses a lot of industry jargon, go ahead and break things down for your readers by defining special terms, etc.
  • Tie the article in to local events. If you’re linking to an article about foreclosures, be sure to talk about all the foreclosures in your area and what’s being done about the problem.
  • Use your expertise to predict a trend. If you link to an article that about mortgage rates, don’t just lay the information out there. Instead, tell readers if you think mortgage rates are likely to go up or down, and then give reasons supporting your position.

Talking about current events is a proven way to drive traffic to your blog. Just be sure to add your own twist to every post you make so that your readers will want to stick around for the ride!