One of the most common reasons Realtors® get into real estate blog marketing is to help highlight various properties that they’re trying to move. This makes sense, as blogs provide a convenient, cost-effective way for agents to advertise to a wide audience. Plus, posts about specific properties are easy to write, and help keep your site active.

However, there are a few important guidelines that you should keep in mind when highlighting properties.


  • Change your featured property on a regular basis. Nobody likes looking at the same pictures or post longer than necessary.
  • Include reasons that you think the property is a steal. Sometimes it’s hard for people to make sense of numbers and statistics alone, so go beyond that data whenever you can.
  • Compare similar properties to show why one is a smarter deal than the other. It’s even better when you can use a property from a competing agency as your “bad buy” example.


  • Provide endless lists of featured properties. Highlighting a specific home can be a powerful real estate blog marketing tool when used sparingly. But if all you ever do is list properties on your site, you can bet readers will be turned off in a hurry.
  • Leave a featured property up for more than a week or two. Doing so might lead readers to doubt your abilities as a salesperson.
  • Forget to display your contact information prominently within the post so that interested buyers can easily get in touch with you.

By following these guidelines and mixing your featured property listings in with other high-quality content, your blog will become a hit with your readers!