Thus far, most of my posts have discussed the different ways that you can use your real estate blog to advertise properties you’re currently selling or to increase general awareness of your agency. Obviously these activities should be the primary purpose of your blog, so the bulk of your writing time will be spent on them. But there are definitely times when it’s appropriate to break away from this formula to talk about something else in your posts — especially if you have an opportunity to promote yourself as an agent.

I don’t mean that you should list your certifications, licenses, and other qualifications; it’s best to save that stuff for your résumé. I’m talking about when you win local or national awards for outstanding service, sales volume, or completed transactions. Were you named the top Realtor® in your association? Did you recently join the multi-million dollar sales club? Then tell your readers!

I’m simply amazed at the number of Realtors® I know who don’t like to promote themselves by talking about their achievements. They’re afraid readers will just think they’re bragging, which is not a trait they want associated with their names.

While I can understand these types of concerns, I think they’re mostly unfounded. Sure, if every other post consists of you going on and on about how great you are, you’re going to turn people off and lose readers by the boatload. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a once-in-a-blue-moon post telling your readers that you’ve won a prestigious award or were selected as the keynote speaker for a national convention. These are noteworthy accomplishments that deserve recognition, so go ahead and write about them — or at the very least, provide links to make it easier for readers to follow up on their own.

Promoting yourself from time to time is an important part of real estate blog marketing and will help give you an edge on the competition. After all, prospective clients would much rather do business with the woman named Realtor® of the Year or with the man who received an award from the local Chamber of Commerce than an agent with lesser credentials. So the next time you accomplish something big, be sure to blog about it!