With the popularity of discount real estate brokerage firms on the rise and the nation’s economy on the decline, your commissions have likely dropped way off in the past several months.

It seems that everyone is suffering from a cash crunch right now, and both buyers and sellers are looking to save money on their transactions any way they can, whether that means going through a discount joint for a flat fee or trying to handle the entire process themselves. They figure the extra hassle is worth it if they can save 6% on the commission.

So how can you use real estate blog marketing to overcome this mindset? By justifying your commission to prospective clients.

You do this by telling them exactly what kind of service they can expect from you when you’re on the job. Talk about the steps you’ll take to list, market, and show a home for the seller, or the lengths you’ll go to in order to secure the perfect property for the buyer. Talk about all the paperwork, inspections, and price negotiations that you’ll handle. Talk about how you’ll use your years of experience in the local real estate market to get your clients the best possible deal. Then, use your past sales figures and customer testimonials to back up what you say.

When you’re upfront about your services like this, it puts people at ease and helps forge a trusting relationship right from the beginning, as you remove any doubts that the clients might have about whether or not using a Realtor® is worth the extra money, so give it a try!