Although the bulk of your clients and readers are probably content with learning about the ins and outs of residential property transactions, it’s important to recognize that at least some of them are interested in commercial properties as well. Having a real estate blog puts you in a great position to reach out to this commercial crowd and draw in new readers — and perhaps a few new clients as well. How do you do this? Simply by making several posts a month that deal specifically with commercial or investment properties, of course!

A good way to start off would be by focusing on the business district of your city or town for a post or two. Talk about any available storefronts or office space, and if possible, tell about the previous occupants. Did the businesses fail because of low foot traffic or did they move on to bigger quarters to accommodate better than expected growth? Prospective buyers want to know this kind of thing before setting up shop.

Another good topic to talk about is taxes. Does your state or local government offer any tax breaks or incentives to entice new businesses to come to the area? If so, be sure to let your readers know about them and what they have to do to qualify.

Many people are also interested in investment or rental properties such as apartment complexes or duplexes, so be sure to highlight any good buys in your area. If your agency is actually handling any of the rental property transactions that you choose to talk about, then let prospective buyers know they can call you for rent rolls (lists of current renters and the amounts they pay) and vacancy rates for the past five years. If you’re not personally handling the transaction, then you might want to talk about the general state of the rental market in your area.

Just remember that even though residential properties are your bread and butter, there’s no reason to neglect commercial properties altogether. You might be surprised at what kind of clients come out of the woodwork when you start writing about this stuff!