A question that real estate blog marketers often ask is how can they consistently develop interesting content that will keep readers coming back again and again. After all, if people are primarily looking for information regarding property transactions, then chances are they won’t return after the purchase or sale is made.

While this is indeed true in many cases, there are things you can do to retain a significant portion of your readership — or at least maintain steady numbers by drawing in just as many new readers as you might lose.

One terrific strategy for attracting and retaining readers is by sharing your expertise on the subject of real estate in the form of weekly or monthly Q&A posts. Everyone has questions about various aspects of the home buying or selling process that they would love to see answered, so opening up your blog to reader questions would be beneficial to all involved. Your readers will get free advice, and you’ll get more readers — a true win-win situation!

All you have to do is set up a separate email account to receive mail from readers (unless you don’t mind your regular account being overrun with spam), make a post on your real estate marketing blog announcing the new feature, and then wait for the questions to come in. If response to your new Q&A feature is a bit slow at first, feel free to generate your own questions to get things started, and then be sure to promote the feature a bit more. Once readers are aware of the valuable service you’re providing (for free), they’ll want to participate.

By answering relevant real estate questions from readers a few times per month, you’ll continue to establish your reputation as an expert in your field and will also generate goodwill points for being open and accessible. Give it a try!