A lot of people in real estate marketing are under the impression that if you build a website, the traffic will come. During the dot com boom realtors had to have a site to be part of the explosion of new business opportunities as the internet expanded. As a result, web designers were in high demand, and the internet began to be crowded with expensive flash and image driven websites. These sites looked great, but the biggest drawback was that search engines could not read them, so they never ranked well on the first page of engines like Yahoo and Google.

In the mid to late nineties, the market trended back towards more search engineĀ  friendly sites, and a lot of realtors started picking up templated websites from companies like A La Mode, Z57 and Advanced Access. They were better for search engines at the time, but have recently been struggling for positioning. The sites that are doing the best now, are sites that have blogs. The blog marketing explosion, like the original dot com revolution is here to stay, and is having an incredible influence on the search engine landscape. Realtors who are prepared to embrace this technology and write about what they do, will see the greatest gains and dominate their respective markets.