There’s no question that Google is the most used, most trusted search engine out there, so when talking about strategies for optimizing your real estate blog, it’s in your best interest to play by Google’s rules.

Although Google keeps their page ranking algorithm a secret, almost all of the top SEO experts out there agree that the most emphasis is placed on the quality of inbound links (also called backlinks) that you have. If your backlinks come from reputable websites with similar content and page rank, then those links will help you a great deal. Also, if the links feature relevant anchor text, they can help push your own site’s authority — and SERPs position — through the roof.

So what can you do to get quality backlinks? Here are three basic, proven techniques to help get you started.

  • Link to comparable sites in your own blog posts. You ought to be reading tons of other real estate blogs regularly, so this shouldn’t be hard to do. If you come across a post you like, you can write about it on your own blog and link back to the source. Many bloggers appreciate this so-called “link love”, and might even acknowledge you with a nice backlink in return. Even if you don’t get a backlink, you’re establishing credibility and name recognition, so you can’t lose.
  • Leave comments on do-follow blogs. These blogs have removed the “no follow” tag, meaning that search engine spiders will crawl and index the link. Make sure that your comment actually adds value to the original blog post, and isn’t placed merely for the link, otherwise you run the risk of having it deleted.
  • Write excellent, well-researched, authoritative posts that other real estate bloggers will want to link to. Of course, you have the least control over establishing backlinks via this method, but it’s worth a try — and quality content never hurt anyone!