A majority of real estate blog marketers tend to think that once they publish a blog post, they can immediately forget about it and move on to the next topic. While this is indeed the case most of the time, there are occasions when it pays off to revisit old blog pages and touch them up for SEO purposes.

Many SEO experts believe that part of Google’s top-secret PageRank algorithm takes into account the frequency with which older web pages are updated, which means that if you spend a bit of time changing the content of long-forgotten posts, you might see an increase in traffic, backlinks, better positioning in SERPs, and yes, maybe even a better PR to boot.

So which old posts should you target and what should you change?

For real estate blogs, it’s better to spend time reworking posts with community-related content or general information rather than your listings. These are pages that most likely bring in the most traffic already, and could really give your entire site a boost if search engine spiders start crawling them again.

Smart changes to make include: linking newer blog posts with similar content to older blog posts; using SEO-friendly anchor text to link back to your old pages; rewriting content to drop in a few great real estate marketing keywords; or even adding entirely new paragraphs with further information about the topic.

If you can squeeze in the time to edit a few old blog posts per week, the search engines will definitely take notice — and that can yield big-time SEO rewards for your real estate site!