In past entries, I’ve talked about some of the different purposes that real estate blogs can serve, and have given suggestions about the type of content best suited to each purpose. Articles for a real estate blog focused on lead generation probably won’t address the same topics as articles for a blog used primarily for property listings. Nevertheless, one thing that all real estate blog marketers have to worry about is promoting their websites. After all, if nobody’s reading your content, then you’re just wasting your time.

Unfortunately, promoting real estate blogs is a bit tricky. Traditional, non-niche bloggers (i.e. those that just write about their daily lives) can promote their blogs through various free traffic exchange services or blogrolls where the basic idea follows a quid pro quo format. You visit my site, I’ll visit yours.

But this doesn’t work for real estate blogs — unless you’re just interested in the number of visitors you get rather than the quality of those visitors. Let’s face it: you’re not going to generate many qualified leads from simple traffic exchanges.

Instead, real estate blog marketers need to focus their promotional efforts in very specific ways in order to get decent results. For example, search engines will likely be your number one referral source, so it’s important to make sure that you’re listed in all of them — not just the “big three” of Google, MSN, and Yahoo. There are also lots of directory sites available (DMOZ being the most popular), and these can provide some good traffic as well. In most cases, all you have to do for inclusion is submit your URL and wait for the review process to run its course.

Another excellent way to promote your real estate blog is to list your URL on all of your business cards. Then, whenever you hand your card out at a convention or conference, or to prospective buyers and sellers, you have an opportunity to draw in more readers.

And finally, you should list your blog URL in any print advertisements that you take out in local or national newspapers. Inserting a website address in your ad shouldn’t change the price much, and the return you get in terms of more readers will be well worth the few extra dollars you might have to pay.

In a perfect world, top-notch content would be enough to bring in droves of new readers every day. As things are, however, you’ll have to spend quite a bit of time promoting your real estate blog in order to attract the kind of traffic you want.