If you’re like most Realtors®, then you engage in real estate blog marketing for the purpose of generating qualified leads that you can later convert into transactions. You load your blog with high-quality, relevant content, update it frequently, and throw in the right keywords, giving you prominent placement in search engine results. But if you don’t have a good search form on your site, then you’re losing out on thousands of dollars in potential commissions.

The key to any real estate blog search form is a section where the prospective client can fill in contact information so that you can follow up with either a phone call or an e-mail to pursue the lead. Your search form should prompt for this kind of information whenever a reader requests details about a property that go beyond a basic MLS listing or further consultation with an agent.

More often than not, readers are perfectly willing to provide their full name, current address and phone number, e-mail address, and what kind of services they’re interested in (buying, selling, relocating, investment opportunities, etc.) in order to gain access to the information they’re seeking. Once you have this customer data, you can follow up as necessary.

Having a good search form on your real estate blog might seem like an elementary marketing component, but you’d be surprised at how many folks don’t take this extra step. You can bet they’re not generating many leads with their generic forms!

So today, take a moment to review the various calls to action you have on your real estate blog and make sure you have a way of getting contact info from your readers.