As a real estate agent is marketing online one thing for them to pay attention to is what to target when designing an online campaign. You may think ” I need to positioned for ____Real Estate” because that is what you search for but the reality is your target audience is searching for every scrap of information about the area, the home prices, the neighborhoods, the schools, and even the census data of where they want to move. As a Real Estate Agent you need to be found for as many search terms as possible,and provide relevant information about those searches. Don’t neglect to pay attention to keywords that people are searching for as they actually get closer to the buying phase of research, or the phase where they may need a real estate professional to offer answers to questions… that may mean terms like “Wake County School information” or “Relocation to Chapel Hill ” or it could ” Southern Village Homes For Sale” if they like that neighborhood. Ensuring that your website and your blog is found as much as possible only solidifies that you will be the one that gets a new client or a new listing.