The advent of blogs and blogging is an information revolution. It is estimated that a new blog is started every minute somewhere in the world. Blogs give people the means to publish their thoughts or information about their companies in a very cost effective and efficient way. MySpace and Blogger have made online publishing available to a wider audience than ever before. Soon, everyone online will have their own space online, and it will be in the form of a blog.

How does this affect realtors and real estate marketing? The implications are very clear..

*If you don’t have a blog you don’t have access to the 50 million people that read them this year, the 200 million people who read them next year and so on. The blogosphere doubles in size every six months.
*All of your competitors will have blogs. They will use their blogs as a platform to deliver their marketing messages to clients, tell the world how qualified they are, and establish themselves as authorities for what they do. The search engines will recognize them as sources of relevant information and rank their websites on the first page of search results. Realtors with blogs will dominate the online market.

*Permission marketing, RSS and subscriptions to blogs are increasing exponentially. The old methods of spam emails will die. If you do not have a blog, you do not have access to this form of marketing.

Blog marketing is here to stay. As always, it is the early adapters who will see the greatest gains.