Realtors Using Pay Per Click! Can Your Team Write 3 Short Articles A Week Instead?

Pretty simple for those that can. Here are your options as you analyze your current and 2007online marketing campaigns. If you are like most real estate agents you get paid from commissions earned by working with buyers and sellers. 80% of those buyers and sellers look for information online when trying to find you. How many of them can you or your competition reach with 3 articles a week?

In order for buyers and sellers to find your website when they search the internet for
real estate in your area, you only have a few options to consider.

Search Engine Optimization that you do internally or outsourced.
Pay Per Click with Google and Yahoo – for real estate agents that’s like paying your buyers more or less than your competition to show them your properties? If you choose to do that you know how expsensive it is to gain qualified leads on a continuous basis.

Your other option is Real Estate Blog Marketing with Triangle Direct. If 80% of buyers and sellers search for information online would you and/or your team like to help them find what they are searching for. Ever heard of “Individual / Team Marketing”. How about Real Estate Blog Marketing?

The BLOGOSPHERE contains over 100 million worldwide bloggers. This is a huge audience
of buyers and sellers that read articles related to real estate services in your area. Need more leads?

By the way, Search Engines reward websites with blogs. Only if – they are setup properly, and some more than others. A professoinaly set up blog marketing campaign can be the single most effective marketing campaign a real estate agent has ever used.

How much will it cost you over the next 6 months to 3 years by using Pay Per Click?