Are you are a real estate agent that relies on Google, Yahoo and MSN’s Pay Per Click campaign to generate leads? Expect your monthly budget to increase. Here’s what the experts are predicting for you Pay Per Click addicts..

If you have been using this medium for some time then you are probably aware of this trend. Pay each month on a per click basis and hope that 5% of those clicks convert into good leads. Or perhaps a seller contacts you to list their home. If you want internet searchers to find your website you have to either optimize your website for natural positioning or pay Google and Yahoo’s per click. You are essentially Basically RENTING a space online instead of owning.
Another option is Real Estate Blog Marketing. Often referred to as “individual” or “team” marketing. By strategically targeting specific keywords and phrases you can write short articles related to those keywords and generate organic positioning instead of paying per click. Learn how other Real Estate agents across the country are decreasing their monthly PPC budgets. Learn how these same realtors are gaining leads from organic positioning with the addition of a Real Estate Blog. See their testimonials…..
Spend more with Pay Per Click (RENT advertising) or gain free traffic with Real Estate Blog Marketing….how much should you budget if you chose to continue using PPC?