Opportunity cost is defined as the cost of making a decision to follow a particular course of action. This cost does not need to be financial, it can also take the form of time spent on an activity. One of the things that people say to me when I talk about real estate blog marketing is “I don’t need your services because I can build a blog” or “My webmaster can build me a blog”. That is absolutely correct. ANYONE can build a blog. I can go to MySpace or Blogger and put up a blog for free. The question is “how do you use blog marketing you help your main site generate more business?”, and that is where opportunity cost comes in.

What is the opportunity cost to you of experimenting with your own blogs? Your cost will consist of a few different components; time spent writing with no return; time spent experimenting with different layouts and platforms; time spent on message boards looking for information on the intricacies of blogging. The biggest cost though is lost business. Blog Marketing is becoming an essential business tool for realtors, who are adopting this form of promotion in increasing numbers. Early adopters see this as a window of opportunity, and realtors who start blogging correctly now will be very difficult to catch.

Our programs are successful due to our 20+ years of search experience, and a year of extensive test marketing. Real Estate Marketers can hire us for a fixed fee and have a proven success, or they can pay an unknown amount in opportunity cost.