I listened to an interesting piece on NPR about builders in Sacramento. The California market has been so hot for so long, that all builders had to do was put up a house, and there would be lines of people waiting to buy. They barely had to do any marketing at all.  It was without a doubt a sellers market, and prices skyrocketed as a result.

That is not the case today. In the piece they interviewed the marketing company for these Sacramento homes, and they detailed all the extra steps they now had to take to attract buyers; promotions, free ice cream, childrens’ entertainers, added incentives. They were really struggling to fill these homes. It is the same in the real estate market throughout the country. Once busy real estate professionals are having to spend more money and be more creative with their marketing efforts. Customers of Real Estate Blog Marketing are happy to tap into the blogosphere, the fastest expanding market online. Why not be in front of a market that has millions of readers and doubles in size every six months?