I hear realtors sometimes say to me that they know absolutely nothing about a blog. I don’t think that my clients would use blogs….Does your competition have the same point of view? Not if they’re a top producer, or the ones that are soon going to be.
Think about this:

  • How many homebuyers out there could use your services? How many sellers need your help selling and listing their property for them?
  • How many buyers and sellers search the internet for information about real estate in your area?
  • Answer : 80% of them do.

Every source says that 78% + of all home buyers start their search online. Why not give them what they need to help them make a decision – INFORMATION. Showcase your knowledge and your teams knowledge in a platform for delivery to places that are waiting to recieve it… your potential customers.
Does your competition know more about Blog Marketing than you?
Nothing takes the place of establishing and maintaining relationships. There is no other medium even close to as good at relationship marketing as Real Estate Blog Marketing.