A common question we get is what do I write about? As a Real Estate Agent you have the luxury of being able to write about almost anything. Anything that concerns your target geographical area. Blogmarketing and Real Estate Sales complement each other perfectly. Writing about any piece of information in your city, county, neighborhood, or state is perfect.

When someone is thinking of moving or relocating to another part of the country, a new neighborhood, or new city, that person is going to research that potential choice on the internet. Most people, well over 90% of them, will hit the engines and begin searching for the schools, the neighborhoods, maybe census data, weather, activities, the possibilities are endless. As a real estate blogger focused on your area of expertise any information you can share makes you more likely to gain a new client.

Here are Just a few Ideas:

  • School Information
  • Census Data
  • Festivals
  • Area Attractions
  • Sporting Events
  • Restaraunts

The list is endless. Anything that is news about the area and is something somone thinking of moving to an area might find interest in is a good blog post. Real Estate Blog Marketing is really one of the easiest blog marketing programs to write articles about, and for an agent that really knows their area it is a showcase for their knowledge.