We’ve been told that the average salary of a first year realtor in California is 6K.  If that’s true, it makes it increasingly difficult to market yourself as a realtor and brand your name.  I think that you need to have the following to become a successful 1st year realtor:

1. Money saved in the bank or a significant other who makes a lot of money

2. You must have marketing $$$’s to make it, if you don’t times will be hard

3. Knowledge of what works and what doesn’t

4. A Real Estate Blog that works for you.

The general misconception around blogging is that anyone can start a blog, which is true.  But you must have a gameplan and know how to get your articles in front of eyes.  When this is done the right way it can be the best marketing investment you’ll ever make.  So if you’re a first year realtor and want to make it to the second year, I highly recommend that you get a real estate blog.