Real estate blogs are a good choice for established top producing agents/agencies or if you’re just getting started. With a worldwide audience waiting to read your articles are you capable of displaying your knowledge to earn more business?

*Search Engines love blogs – it’s well known that search engines love blogs that are desinged for them – blogs are indexed quickly and their search engine placement increases rapidly. If setup properly a blog will increase your website’s positioning also.

*You know your area best – along with listing your credentials on your website – display your hard earned knowledge in short articles each week.

*Reach more people – whether business is slow or booming – buyers and sellers are always looking for answers to their questions before choosing an agent/agency.

*Let your agents write – with each agent writing one article a month/week they will contribute to the lead generating process themselves.

*Learn while writing – If your agents are competitive, by reading each others blog posts they can share their tips and tricks – it’s one of the best ways to share inspiration sources, ideas and knowledge – they are trading knowledge for leads.

*Customer relationship – When you establish a new customer you always want to do your best to keep that “personal relationship”. A blog is the perfect choice for interacting with existing and new customers, let them join the debate and give their testimonial.

The internet is evolving rapidly and the blogosphere audience doubles in size every six months. The blogosphere’s audience is close to surpasing 100 million worldwide readers. A Real Estate Blog will enable you or your agency the opportunity to generate more leads from search engine users as well as from bloggers in the blogosphere.