I talked with a client the other day, who had an interesting perspective on the way he was going to use his real estate blog. He was not all that concerned about the rankings part of the equation, as he knew that would just happen as a matter of course.
What was of more interest to him was the use of the comments section on his blog for feedback from clients. He was planning on inviting feedback from clients about their opinions of the Raleigh area, and the things they had experienced when buying a house, or looking at properties in North Carolina. He will publish those articles, and then invite people to comment. This opens up a whole new dimention to the blog that most people don’t really think about, and that is the blog as an online community. If there is a dialogue about the area, people who are relocating to Raleigh will find it interesting, subscribe to the blog and have a pretty high opinion of the realtor. Just another of the many upsides of blog marketing.