A lot of clients I talk with are very concerned about the comments section in their real estate blogs. The main worry seems to be about competitors posting negative comments, and people using the comments section to add unwanted links and spam. In reality the comments section can be used in a very constructive way.

The way we set up our blogs, clients have the ability to moderate any comments that people leave. They go into a queue and must pass moderation before they can be published. That gives the realtor blog owner the ability to snuff out any spam or unwanted comments. We have a couple of realtors who have sold houses following up on comments, so they can be a valuable lead source. They are also a great source for client feedback. If you write about the area, or express an opinion and one of your readers disagrees, or offers insight of their own that can be very valuable information. Major corporations spend millions of dollars on focus groups and studies trying to look inside the minds of their clients. A blog enables you to do it for free.