After a lot of talk about the real estate market for sellers declining, it’s now official. We have a buyers market. One of the repercussions of this is that real estate marketing professionals will have to change the focus of their marketing campaigns. They will have to start targeting key words or phrases that relate to buyers, such as “San Diego Buyers Agent”.

The paid search bids on these keywords will increase dramatically, as realtors try to get their web sites in front of a dwindling number of buyers. With SEO, if the market shifts it can take months for companies to react. With real estate blog marketing, you can react a lot quicker. One of the advantages that our clients will have in trying to gain position in the natural search is that if they want to be positioned on a keyword all they have to do is write about it. Our realtors will simply shift to buyer related keywords in their writing and continue to dominate their respective markets.