Has your business slowed down?  Or are things rocking and rolling for you now?  Either way, as a real estate agent in a competitive market, leads are what make you money.  Without them you earn no commission.

A quality lead is a hot prospect.  They know what they want, they know what they can afford, they know about the local schools and how far they want to live from them.  They are those that are relocating and have done all the research they need before calling you for your services.  They are a referal from a previous client that was pleased with how you helped them.  Bottom line is, your commission depends on those buyers and sellers that contact you.  Do you seek undecisive buyers and sellers or educated buyers and sellers?

As you know, 80% of buyers and sellers begin their research on the internet.  They seek information to help them make decisions.  The more information they retrieve the more educated they become.  Real Estate Blogs are the most effective way to reach and educate your prospects before you begin closing their deal.  Don’t neglect to taking a proactive approach to answering their simple questions instead of spending face to face time doing so.  The more educated your prospects are the easier they are to work with.