Why are Top Producing Real Estate agents flocking to corporate blogging and blog marketing to increase their business? The Reasons are many.

  1. In the last quarter of 2005 30% of everyone on the internet had visited blogs. It is likely that that number is much higher as many of the people surveyed may not have known how to tell if a website they were on was in fact a “blog”, and that percentage is probably over 50% for 2006.
  2. 78% of all Real Estate consumers start their search for a home online.
  3. Real Estate consumers are looking for information about homes, about geographic areas, neighborhoods, schools etc..
  4. A Corporate blog provides and easy way for a real estate agent to deliver this critical information to potential customers.
  5. A well designed corporate blog establishes the real estate blogger as the authority for any relevant information in their area.

Part 2 Coming tommorow including: Gaining More Listings with your blog,Podcasting, Online Videos, Comparison of Video Tours and Video Podcasts, and Lead Capturing and Conversion. Search Engines and Real Estate Blog Marketing