One of the stats that is often understated when we are discussing our real estate marketing programs with clients is how much traffic is available for those on the first page of search engine results. I think we just assume that the web is a powerful tool and source of business without actually taking a look at the numbers.

If you take a mid sized city like Raleigh as a barometer, there are hundreds of different keyword searches that will lead customers to your website. ” Raleigh real estate”, “Raleigh realtor”, “Raleigh nc relocation” etc.  If you take the top 10 search phrases, there are over 400,000 searches conducted on a monthly basis. That’s a lot of searches, translating into a lot of potential business. If you have a real estate blog, and you write three times a week, you will get your website and eventually your blog in front of these people, establish yourself as the expert and increase your business.