Yahoo Investing in real estate

Yahoo has revamped its Online Real Estate Marketing space. Deals with Zillow, Increased emphasis on real estate on Yahoo Answers, and more integration with their search network including a deal we know of with Prudential and new ad categories for local real estate listings. Yahoo must think that consumers are spending a lot of time looking for real estate information….there will be some value in pursuing a campaign with these new offerings by Yahoo. However the real estate consumer audience is much larger in other areas including the blogosphere.

In Real Estate Location is everything: where are you located in the blogosphere?

Paid Ads and PPC while they are effective, are never going to be as effective as a professionaly run real estate blog marketing campaign. People are Getting ads thrown at them everywhere now, and most are sick of it. They want their information not from advertisers, but from trusted sources. You as a real estate agent can be that trusted source. Put yourself out there not with static brochure website with your listings and links and mortgage information(which no one can find) but with a real estate blog. The blogosphere is huge and growing every second.