One of things that often surprises me is the level of support provided to smaller realtors by their real estate firms. The big firms will supply the realtor with a few pages within the main website and some print marketing materials, and that’s about it. In the cut-throat world of real estate, most agents generally struggle in their first couple of years, before they establish themselves and their brand.

With the advent of blog marketing though, the playing field is just about to get a little more even, and the tide is turning in favor of the “little guy”. The business blog gives realtors the ability to self publish and promote themselves in a very targeted and focused way. If a realtor wants to be the expert for a particular subdivision, all they need to do is write. With our real estate blogging platform, they will be the expert in a very short time frame. For a very low price point, real estate professionals now have the weapons to use against their bigger competitors, and many of these so called “little guys” are quietly taking business from bigger firms.