Everyone has a story about how much of a pain it is to put together a website. Production delays, design issues, control issues, the basic functionality of the site; the list is endless. There are some good templates out there for real estate professionals, but for the most part getting a new site is a laborious and painful process.

In actuality, you don’t need a website. All you need is a real estate blog. The price point is low, and our company can deliver in a reasonable time frame. You get all the benefits of the blog; search rankings, podcasting, RSS, subscriptions without the high cost or hassle of having a website. We also add additional contact and information pages, profile pages, local resources, and can set up the blog/site so that you can import your mls listings.

So if you are thinking about a new site or a facelift for your old site, don’t use old technology. Use a blog. Blogs are the future of real estate marketing.