A report I just read details how real estate agents are beginning to to make the shift from newspapers and print to online advertising. According to Classified Intelligence.
“Despite the fact that U.S. newspapers are enjoying a banner year in print classified real estate advertising,that train is about to run out of track, and there could be a rocky cliff below the barricades ”

The Reason for this: Newspaper advertising is the past online is the present and future for real estate agents. There is more and more information online for real estate consumers to dig into with resouces like Zillow and many others available. Real estate consumers are now armed with data that really should make the buying process easier and faster for all parties.
One Realtor had this to say:

“Print publications are no help,” one Realtor told CI. “The Web provides more information to the customer and less wasted phone calls.… It’s the only way to go. ..”

A well designed and written real estate blog will enable a real estate agent or office to guide the consumer to the best online resources you as the local expert in the market think are the best for information on the area. If a person is thinking of selling a home show them your real estate blog that is not only easily found in all blog search engines and other places where people search for real estate information, but that also showcases your customer’s podcasts of their homes…you as a their listing agent are producing an online video commercial for their home… That is powerful itself, but when you explain that thru the blogosphere there is almost immediate exposure your customers will be thrilled with how you aggressively market your real estate listings.