I read an article the other day that talked about how 20% of marketers were considering using viral marketing to brand their products and increase sales. Viral marketing is where the marketing message touches or resonates with the reader/listener to the point that they will forward your message to others that share the same interests. A great example of this is UTube or Google videos. You see a video that you think is funny and you forward it on to your friends, thus creating a viral effect. People share information that they think is interesting and images, text or audio can very easily be spread across wide groups.

Realtors can take advantage of this with their blog marketing by being original with their writing and podcasts. There was a car commercial in North Carolina with a highly annoying presenter. Most people, when asked about the guy said they did not like him or the way he talked, but they remembered the company and the brand. A lot of real estate success also comes down to successful branding. The more original and memorable you can be with both your writing and podcasting; the more you can stamp personality on the way you relate with people;  the more successful you will be, and the more you can use viral marketing to spread your brand online and offline.