I read an interesting article in Classified Intelligence about a study which detailed the way that spending in real estate marketing is moving away from print and towards online. While realtors appear to be advertising more on free sites like Craigslist and Google Base, the main shift in spending was towards realtors personal websites and blogs.

This marks a departure from traditional online marketing channels such as paid search and online newspaper listings, and shows that realtors now realize that with a bit of time and effort they can become highly relevant in natural search and compete with bigger real estate firms.

This merely confirms what we have been saying for the last six months, which is that as a realtor you do not need to spend a lot of your budget on paid search, print, radio or tv. All you need is blog branding. The blog levels the playing field for smaller firms to be able to compete for the dwindling number of home buyers who are looking for something extra and want to work industry leaders.