Zillow was in the news again as it stepped up its efforts to attract more ad spend from real estate professionals. The company received an additional $25 million in funding to go along with the $32 million already raised. The site offers free information and tools in the real estate and financial servies areas.

Rich Barton the cofounder and CEO of Zillow was quoted saying “Strong early market response to Zillow has focused us on just how hungry consumers are for real estate tools and information online,”.

This demonstrates to me how high the marketing industry feeels the demand is for online services relating to the real estate market. Obviously Zillow expects advertisers to drop their print campaigns and move the spend into this website. We expect the same thing to happen, but we anticipate the spend not going into directory site, but into blog marketing. Why would you put marketing budget into a site that lists you with hundreds of competitiors, when you can establish your own brand and increase your market share through the use of a real estate blog? The most cost effective way of marketing your company online is with a blog.