I am one of the first people to express my opinion that the true value of a real estate blog lies not in search engine potential (which is still extremely postive) but that the blogosphere and millions of readers present in the blogosphere will offer the true value to any real estate agent. However….

Lets take a look at Local Search. Local Search is something that it is crucial for real estate agents, in fact it is all that any real estate agent really should care about. What is local search? It is the act of searching for anything based on location. For example if someone searches for real estate then they are probably going to search for a geographical area, a neighborhood, a geographic region, and maybe even a local nickname for those areas… Those people searching in that way are qualified leads doing research online, exactly who a realtor needs to reach first. A Professional real estate blog marketing campaign is a local search magnet.

As a real estate agent posts and writes about his areas of coverage he or she is becoming more relevant with each post in the eyes of the engine to all local searches in the area and showcasing to potential clients their knowledge of real estate in their area. Realtors blogging in the right way, with the right system, and information are beginning to dominate true local search terms, this trend is growing and is even more prominent as people are adding the word “blog” to their search to get even more relevant search results.

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