According to a Press Release monday that reported that reported a survey of corporate bloggers and asked them if they are accomplishing their goals with their blogs, blogs and blog marketing is very succesful.
A few examples:
“The survey, which polled persons responsible for maintaining or monitoring blogs within their company, showed several notable findings including:
* The majority of companies surveyed (76 percent)indicated that they
have noticed an increase in media attention and/or website traffic as
a result of their blog(s);

75 percent of respondents reported that the initial goals of their

blogs have been met;

42 percent of respondents said that specific blog posts have affected

the company or a brand and in the vast majority of cases it has had a

positive affect; ”
This was a survey across many different types of businesses with diverse goals, and the overall success was very high. Many of these business probably had goals that are much more complex than the average real estate agent, the goal of any good real estate blog marketing campaign is to generate buyer and seller leads. The success rate among Real Estate Agents with a professional blogmarketing campaign will be significantly higher.