With home prices falling and buyers gaining the upper hand in the housing market, the need for a qualified and professional real estate agent has never been greater. As a real estate professional, how do potential clients choose the best agent for the job? To follow are a few pointers outlined in an article on Realty Times.
* Interview local, licensed, full time realtors. Make sure you deal with people who have the Realtor trademark.

* Avoid Top Producers for the same reason you would avoid part timers. They will generally have a team of assistants and not provide the personalized service that sellers need.

* Interview each agent like they are job applicants. Ask for references to past clients, whether they are happy or not. Also have the agent produce a list of past accomplishments.

* Get someone local who knows the neighborhood. And also interview agents with a broader focus. You don’t want to have an agent who’s listings are competing against yours.
* Work with agents who are prepared to produce a CMA. That will ensure that you will have a competitive price. You don’t want your property priced unreasonably high, or priced low just to receive multiple offers.

* Deal with a realtor who fits your personality. It is an advantage to be able to communicate well with a real estate agent you like.

The final point is the one I find the most interesting.

* Compare how realtors are going to market your home. Look for the realtor on search engines and online advertisements. An indication of a good realtor is not only in the way that they market your property, but also in the way they market themselves. A realtor who does not have an online presence is less qualified to market your home than one who uses all marketing mediums at their disposal.

In a tight market it is the innovators and early adopters who will capture the lions share of the business. A realtor needs to cover all the basics oultined above, and then go one step farther. Blog marketing is an essential part of taking that extra step and the realtors who brand themselves online are the ones who will stay busy.