Trader Joe's

A real estate agent in Raleigh North Carolina might write :
Trader Joe’s is coming to Cary North Carolina. I have not heard if there is going to be one in Raleigh right away but I can only speculate that if Trader Joe’s is putting up a store in Cary then Raleigh cannot be far behind. Raleigh and Cary Real Estate and all of the Triangle area North Carolina offer many amenities and activities to make moving or relocating to this area something to look forward to, and now Trader Joes is coming…

What is Trader Joe’s? Its discount upscale retail store that offers unique products at competitive pricing. They sell everything from coffee to wine to taco seasoning. Trader Joes is also famous for carrying the the famous “2 buck Chuck” wine.

This is a good example of a quick post that realtor might throw in when pressed for time. Later I will put some examples of some long more informative posts.